Vendor's Bazaar

For all of the patrons of our symposium, we are pleased to present an extensive and eclectic selection of the finest merchants, vendors and artisans, featuring jewellers, musicians, purveyors of sartorial delights, and more. Kindly take a moment to survey this listing for a mere taste of the wonders to be contained herein.

Abney Park

The Badger's Den
"The Badgers Den specializes in providing Costuming, Supplies and Gifts for for LARP, SCA, Renaissance, Steampunk and other Re-enactment enthusiasts. We've got you covered!"

Cleo Wolfus Designs

Designs by Victoria
"Steampunk and Neo-Victorian wire wrapped jewelry, embellished parasols, and other artful accessories."

Dragonfly Design Studio
"What do they do? If you wear one skirt or layer two skirts, long or short, you can use a Skirt Lifter. Keep floor length front skirt hems clean and dry. Lift up long skirts for dancing. Show off a pretty petticoat or a second skirt."

Firefox Leather & Furs

"High quality mercantile for all your needs. From boots to belts & coats to shirts, we do it all."

Foglio Studios

Laurel the Mad Jeweler

Liz Spain
Designer and creator of handmade steampunk fashions. From frock coats to cufflinks, t-shirts to bustle gowns, unique clothing and accessories can be made fresh for you by an award-winning designer and costumer who emphasizes environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Lost Coast Historical Patterns
"Lost Coast Historical Patterns Co. has been selling costume patterns and supplies for 6 years here on the Mendocino Coast in Fort Bragg, California. We have a huge selection of ever growing stock that includes corset making materials and hardware. Boning, grommets and washers, busks. You know, hardware. We sell books on all manner of costumes for research and pattern making. We also supply hats and hat making supplies to the avid hat enthusiast. Don't forget the fastenings to hold together that costume, we sell hook and eye tape by the yard and trims to fancify your garments. Oh, and a variety of hats and hat forms."

Pegasus Publishing

Realm of Regalia
"Realm of Regalia caters to those who dress in historical and fantastical ways with a wide and ever changing variety of trims, feathers, flowers, accessories, acoutrements, notions, etcetera, etcetera."

Rise of Aester

Seams Like Magik


Tormented Artifacts

Velvet Mechanism
"Velvet Mechanism is a boutique for unique, hand-crafted, steampunk jewelry from an era that never was. We feature an array of steampunk accessories for men and women - corsets, harnesses, cufflinks, necklaces, goggles and more! The items are hand-crafted from non-working vintage materials including watch movements, clock gears, skeleton keys, WWII military spats, and manual typewriter keys. I love giving these beautiful materials the chance to be seen and appreciated again!"

Vernian Process


Vendor's Room Hours:

Friday: 12pm-6pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

We regret to inform all interested parties that there is no further space available in the Vendor's Bazaar.

For further enquiries and elucidation, please contact: